9/11 remembered

«Well let me tell you something. There’s a big difference between a country in which the flag is waved only by hooligans in a stadium and a country where it’s waved by the entire population. Waved, for example, by indomitable workers who dig in the ruins to come up with an ear or nose of the creatures slaughtered by the sons of Allah.
The truth is that America is a special place, my friend. A country to envy, to be jealous of, for reasons that have nothing to do with wealth et cetera. It’s special because it was born out of a need of the soul, the need to have a homeland, and out of the most sublime idea that Man has ever conceived: the idea of liberty, or rather of liberty married to the idea of equality. It’s special also because the idea of liberty wasn’t fashionable at the time. Nor was the idea of equality.» – ORIANA FALLACI, Anger and pride.

united colors of benetton

Genova, 14 agosto 2018

Every time I was driving over this bridge, last time not later than two months ago, I was just wondering how was it possible! The bridge was constantly undergoing maintenance, the structure was in a horrible condition, the deck and the railings were totally rusty, the corrosion was evident and everywhere. Every time I was so happy to drive safe across the bridge and to live in France. This is Italy 2018, rusty inside and outside and slowly crushing down. Switch off!

it is not a French cultural thing!

«…Contrary to the testimony of DAVID BRAILSFORD in front of the Committee, we believe that drugs were being used by Team Sky, within the WADA rules, to enhance the performance of riders, and not just to treat medical need.” – British Parliament’s House of Commons, British Government Report.

(…)Then there were allegations that a mystery «Jiffy bag» delivered to WIGGINS at the Critérium du Dauphiné in 2011 contained a prohibited substance. A UK Anti-Doping Agency investigation did not bring any charges, hampered by a lack of evidence. That was partly due to the team doctor, FREEMAN, claiming he had lost the laptop containing WIGGINS’s medical data while on holiday in Greece.
(…)WIGGINS has always denied any wrongdoing and maintained the package contained the legal decongestant Fluimucil, an answer also given by FREEMAN in a written statement to a parliamentary hearing. The same doctor, FREEMAN who also worked for British Cycling allegedly took a delivery(to the National Cycling Center in Manchester)of banned testosterone patches but he was unable to account for them and said they had been delivered in error.
(…)Remember that BRAILSFORD also tried to persuade the Daily Mail to bury the «Jiffy bag» story because he feared it could mark “the end of Team Sky”, while the head of Ukad, NICOLE SAPSTEAD told Parliament in March that her investigators had met with “resistance” from Team Sky in their inquiries….
(…)WIGGINS once said SUTTON was like a ‘father’ to him but the Australian admitted to the Committee that in his opinion Sir Bradley’s use of triamcinolone was ‘unethical’….»