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Equipe cycliste Peugeot

L’Équipe cycliste Peugeot was a french pro cycling team from 1886 until end of 1986 and one of the most successful team of all time with 10 Tour de France, 6 Milano-Sanremo, 3 World Championship.

The team has riders like Charly Gaul, the zürcher Ferdi Kübler, Tom Simpson(World Champion 1965), Bernard Thevenet, Gilbert Duclos-Lassalle, Robert Millar, Stephen Roche and a very young Eddy Merckx(World Champion (1966/1967).

During the time the team changed sponsor to Peugeot-Dunlop, Peugeot-Bp, Peugeot-Bp-Michelin, Peugeot Esso, but always adopting the black and white „maillot à damiers“. First sold to Z-Peugeot, to Gan, then to Credit Agricole, the team retired in 2008.

Peugeot cap is one of the 2010 collection „Vintage“ including Bianchi-Bic-Brooklyn-Clement-Jolly-Mercatone uno-Mercier-Molteni-Panasonic-Pdm-Reynolds-Renault-Salvarani-Scic-Z-Vetements.

One size, 100% cotton, 100% made in Italy. Info & orders: welcome [at]

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