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wish list



1. Riding the next Maratona dles Dolomites in 5:35:00

2. The new Mash 2011. Sooo beautiful!

3. The new jersey Bassano 1985. Sooo sexy!

4. The next Superleggero supertecnico. Must have 2011

5. Dinner at Ai Violi for the best Fiorentina in the world!

Buon anno a tutti. Happy new year. С новым годом!


1. Riding for 20.000km in 2011.

2. Riding with a new revolutionary cycling shoes.

3. Wearing a Superleggero shullcap.

4. Eating a big  Fiorentina with my friend Antonello at “i Violi” in Monsummano near Montecatini.

5. E che la continui sempre cosi…

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