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BLAIZE FELBERBAUM 33, is an independent photographer, native and resident of Lausanne, Switzerland. A fanatic cyclist since the age of 12, when he began mountain biking, later discovering the joys of road racing, cycle touring, BMX track and finally the streets on his fixie. In 1999 he founded Vélocité, Lausanne’s first bicycle messenger service. There he accumulated the roles of director, messenger, dispatcher, mechanic, and later as the enterprise grew, graphic designer and photographer for the promotion of the services offered by Vélocité. This experience led him to documentary photography and the daily trials and joys of a bike messenger. In his spare time Blaize travels, on his bike of course, armed with the Holga and Rolleiflex he  began shootining with, in addition to the more recently adopted Pentax and Leica,continuing to collect and record images to the glory and heritage of cycling. In 2007 he endeavored to photograph the Velodromes around the Globe, beginning no further than his native city and the nearby UCI headquarters in Aigle, Switzerland. Fascinated by their history and architecture, he has undertaken a project to photograph and record the abandoned bicycle tracks around the world.

The initial work presented here concerns the Velodromes of northern Italy, including Torino, Molinella, Ferrara and Cavezzo. The next destination, planned for the next summer  will be Japan, with its rich past and present track history.


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