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After the 2010 T-shirt dedicated to Italo Lupi, this year Ciclismo Totale propose this very elegant and chic “Cappellino” always dedicated to one of the greatest graphic designer. Thanks to the futur-artistic vision of Antonio Colombo, Italo Lupi designed for Cinelli not only the new logo, the “C” winged, but also the complete line of simple but absolutely interesting packaging (…) And these are the colours he used for the first time. Read these  interesting interviews (…) and  (…)

One size, 100% cotton, 100% made in Italy. The first stock will be available at Edu’s Coffe & Clothes in Biel/Bienne for the opening the 5th of March. Aerodinamica is official distributor of Cinelli Genuine Merchandise by Ciclismo Totale. Info & orders: welcome [at]

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