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monte pelmo

LUIGI my big amico and grande capitano in the late 90’s at the TEAM ASSOS BOLZANO (one of the most competitive team in the “Prestigio” Series and “Giro delle Regioni”) preparing the Funghi porcini sott’olio Special Edition “Vaccaboia  during the last summer camp in the Dolomiti. Near Cortina d’Ampezzo  grows in the wild his favourite mushroom “Brisa del Monte Pelmo-Boletus of the Monte Pelmo”. Unlike common mushrooms, the Brisa del Monte Pelmo is our natural supplier of healthy nutrients, such as powerful antioxidants, Vitamins B, C and Niacin, minerals like Iron, Zinc, Potassium, Selenium, protein, amino acids, and fiber. Find here the perfect recipe for a great “Risotto ai funghi porcini”. Download the  App of the “Cucchiaio d’Argento” here. Buon appetito! And if you ride this beautiful route: Corvara-Cortina-P.sso Cibiana-Forcella Staulanza-P.sso Giau-Corvara in less than 5 hours we will send you one of these precious jars.

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