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sunday dinner


Since I was a child, sunday dinner is sacred at Casa Tabarelli. It is Pizza time! However, the first time I have tested this great PIZZA ALLE CIPOLLE was during a winter training camp in Sicily. Ok we do not have the right pizza wood oven, anyway, the result is still fantastic. Here the recipe: Mix 300gr.of white flour with 200gr. of whole wheat flour. Put 20gr.of yeast in a cup with lukewarm water. Mix all together with salt. Try to find the best onion on the world the Cipolla di Tropea and instead Mozzarella(caloric bomb!) use Pecorino Romano. 10′ in a 250° oven and…buon appetito. You will stock a lot of Carbohydrates, Minerals, Vit.C/Vit.E, Selenium, Magnesium, Iron and Fibers for the next day.

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