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My checklist for the MARATONA: Assos Chamois pre ride creme, no friction and imflammations in this delicate area, simply a must before every ride; Cerotto Bertelli to keep warm my legs and knees before the start; Windose Warm Up creme, a taste of lavanda, peppermint and camphora to warm up my legs; Olbas oil, few drops of this magic oil to keep my nose and lungs open like a fan; Appenzeller Bärli-Biber ginger bred with marzipan filling, a romantic and energetic souvenir from Switzerland to eat before the start; Sis Gel to squeeze during the race, no water needed; Jelly Belly Sport Beans to eat during the race, important supplier of electrolytes; Fidorka, a czech delicious cake, wafer and caffé filling before the last Passo Falzarego. Enervit aminoacidi and Windose Detox creme after the race. 00:34 the time from the Passo Valparola to the finish in Corvara, 19km a tutta!

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