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This is only one of my road maps, but the most preferred, I use for my trainings here in Nice. 130km in a wonderful landscape with wonderful panorama, two GPM, Col de Vence(1st Cat.) et Col de Gourdon(2nd Cat.) and when you approach Grasse, a ecstasy of colors and perfumes.  I love to ride here especially in winter or early spring when the nord is covered in snow and cold. Zero traffic, good roads, very few cars and enough fountains to fill the bottle in summer.
So if you plan a winter training for the next saison, or if you are a tour operator, a travel agency or simply you run a cycling-oriented hotel and are interested in organizing fantastic cycling tours around Nice,  please feel free to contact me.

«Dans mon esprit, le Tour ne se gagne pas en juillet, il se gagne pendant l’hiver et le printemps, en rouland quand d’autres n’en ont pas envie.» LANCE ARMSTRONG – Chaque seconde compte – Editions Albin Michel.

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