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A year has passed since the Coronavirus exploded in Europe.

Following those first days of fear and disbelief, it occurred to us that if we wished settle back to work we would have to protect ourselves and those close to us.
While scientists were striving to find drugs to fight the virus, we were looking for a way to manage it in everyday life in the short term.
Natural curiosity led us to look at the 1920s pandemic, and to discover how the masks of that time were worn with such elegance and simplicity!

Ninety years on, our quest and love for natural fabrics offered the solution.

We would need materials with a dense weave, light and breathable, but not too absorbent, exchanging the moisture rather than retaining it inside, hypo-allergenic fabrics able to withstand frequent washing at high temperatures.
So we have re-discovered and adopted those same fabrics – cotton and especially linen.
Linen is one of the oldest fabrics in the world, fresh on the skin, hypo-allergenic, with no allergic reactions yet becoming softer and softer with frequent washing. A fabric more biodegradable than cotton, linen has always been used in medicine for its antibacterial properties, ease of use, and washability even at 90 degrees.
For the first few weeks we struggled to obtain the materials, but France is the largest linen producer in the world and the quality of French linen is unmatched.

This is how our two masks were conceived, s-mask C type and s-mask L type – 100% made in France.

Double-ply, we do not use elastic for the four long laces, this would compromise the quality, the masks’ durability and practicality. We wash them at 60 degrees, do not use fabric softener, and iron them with a lot of steam. If we are obliged to frequent very crowded places, such as the Paris metro, we wear a surgical mask under our s-mask. In over a year we haven’t thrown away a single mask!
Now we know that for the next two years the mask will be an accessory that will accompany us every day. Let’s protect ourselves and protect others.
Let’s wear an s-mask, stay safe, stay chic!

You can find them here . . .

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