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this book!

The Olympische Sommerspiele 1972 were the first Olympic Games I could watch at the television. It was an important edition, not only for the incredible quality of the visualdesign created by OTL AICHER and his team Dept.XI, for the futuristic architecture of the Olympiapark designed by OTTO FREI, it was very important for the development and the modern urbanisation of the city of München, at that time, a city suffering the effects and post-effects of WWII.

The 1972 Olympic Games were important even for the modern technology. For the first time the Games were broadcast live worldwide, fully in colour and were the first to utilise the new electronic timing technology. The 1972 Olympic Games were the games of MARK SPITZ, OLGA KORBUT, VALERY BORZOV and even of the thrilling basketball final between team Usa and Urss. Gold medal in cycling individual road race was the Dutch HENNIE KUIPER.
Sadly this wonderful edition was marked by the infamous massacre of 11 members of the Israeli Olympic Team commited by Palestinian assassins of the terrorist group Black September.

Christmas that year I received the A0 poster of the cycling discipline. What a fantastic surprise and those wonderful colours, I still remember the smell and the rough touch of the silver color!

Munich’72 The Visual Output of Otl Aicher’s Dept.XI – Researched, written, edited, designed and published by MARK HOLT

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