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A year has passed since the Coronavirus exploded in Europe. Following those first days of fear and disbelief, it occurred to us that if we wished settle back to work we would have to protect ourselves and those close to us.While scientists were striving to find drugs to fight the virus, we were looking for a way to manage it in everyday life in the short term.Natural curiosity led us to look at the 1920s pandemic, and to discover how the masks of that time were worn with such elegance and simplicity!

christmas gift idea #3

Need a gift idea for the next Christmas? CINELLI Mash green badge t-shirt. The original Cinelli Mash t-shirt green badge was produced at the same time of the second bicycle framesets, the «Mash metallic green» designed by BENNY GOLD. Made in Italy, 100% cotton, available in green and grey. Go to shop > > >

christmas gift idea #2

Need a gift idea for the next Christmas? CINELLI 1970 Replica wool jersey. The new old Cinelli 1970 Replica wool jersey is a triumph of design and tradition. Made in Italy, 50% wool, 50% acrylic
, mother-of-pearl buttons on the rear pocket and the CINELLI logo nicely embroidered. Lightweight, soft and warm, carefully guarded in an exclusive black slipcase. Colour: Grey.  Go to shop  > > >

christmas gift idea #1

Need a gift idea for the next Christmas? «Cinelli: The Art and Design of the Bicycle» in the deluxe gift box edition is a great gift! Limited to 200 copies, numbered and hand-signed by ANTONIO COLOMBO, carefully guarded in an exclusive slipcase includes an extra rare cycling CINELLI wool replica beanie made in Italy, the book is published by RIZZOLI and written by LODOVICO PIGNATTI MORANO with contributions by ANTONIO COLOMBO, FELICE GIMONDI, BARRY McGEE and sir PAUL SMITH. Hardcover, 222x30x292mm. 288 pages, 220 color pictures for 65 years of design and cycling history. A must for every library. You still have time to order and have it for Christmas. Go to shop >>>