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“You won’t find many people who share all our interests from cycling to design to architecture, but we are lucky to say that Antonello Tabarelli de Fatis is one of them. He wrote an exclusive article about Mr. Bayer for the third number of the Pedal Project magazine. Are you asking why an Italian is writing an article about a forgotten producer of carbon rims from Moravia?
Antonello, whom we have met through our various activities in 2010, is just like that. Our conceptual harmony was obvious right after our first meeting in Café Louvre, where this energetic design and cycling expert likes to take a break. Antonello grew up in the small village of Cornaiano near Bolzano, Italy in a unique house that the legendary Carlo Scarpa built for his father, an important producer of design and furniture, in the seventies. This might be the cause for Antonello’s natural fascination with art and design. Antonello studied architecture in Venice but bicycles got into his life eventually. A big fan of cycling, close to Antonio Colombo and Cinelli and a blogger on his aerodinamica website, he is ignited for all good things. Now he lives in Zurich as a Cinelli distributor and consultant for some famous Italian furniture brands. Beside of that he continues to conquer his own limits in cycling. From time to time you can meet him in Prague, a favorite city of his since the nineties, where he supervises the production of his own brand of scarves and caps, Superleggero, which you can buy on his website, but also to see us or Mr. Bayer, with whom he is planning great things for the future. We have lots to look forward to.”

PEDAL PROJECT MAGAZINE, issue nr. 3  For those that missed our article about JOSEF BAYER

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